Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary by kissing in public

Tuesday February 10, 2009

Two couples in the entertainment industry known for their conjugal love, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Julian Cheung (Chilam) and his wife Anita Yuen, attended Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's Left Alan Right Hacken (左麟右李) concert the night before last.

Anita specially requested her favorite song, Who Could Change (誰可改變, originally sang by Alan Tam) from TVB's The Fearless Duo (天師執位). Since the drama's main lead Michael was present, Alan asked the two couples to come up on stage to sing and dance together.

It was funny when Anita 'abandoned' Chilam to hold Alan's hand, he said with a laugh: "You aren't afraid your husband is unhappy?" Hacken had no choice but to hold Chilam's hand, the three pairs sang hand in hand, it was hilarious! The night before last coincidentally was Anita and Chilam's 8th wedding anniversary, Alan and Hacken took advantage of this opportunity and asked them to have a '8th wedding anniversary kiss' on stage, this stirred up the audience and urged on by everyone, the two generously kissed.

Regarding this incident, our reporter contacted Chilam yesterday, he self-ridiculed that his outward appearance gives off the impression he is a romantic person but in fact he is very boring. He said the night before last was indeed their wedding anniversary, before the concert he gave Anita some flowers and together with their son, they went to see a movie. Asked if he thought he and Anita are model husband and wife in the entertainment industry, Chilam said: "Michael and Jamie should be considered first!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Anita Yuen Needs To Be A Strict Mother

Anita Yuen Needs To Be A Strict Mother

2 August 2008
Emma Lam

Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), Niki Chow (周麗淇) and Angelababy were among the guests at the Tsumori Chisato 08 Autumn/Winter collection show today.

Dressed in the designer's puffy pink number, Anita received comments from the reporters that she looked like she was pregnant again. When she heard this, she happily offered her belly to be pressed to prove that she has lost all her excess fat since giving birth.

Anita has been busy filming in the mainland recently and said that now she has finished that job, she will be thinking more about being apart from her son, Morton, when she considers her next assignments. She revealed that husband Chilam Cheung (張智霖) is a very doting father, so if left to look after the baby on his own, then he will just end up spoiling their son. As a result, she feels she needs to step in as the strict mother.

Angelababy revealed that the first print of her photobook has now been sold out and a second run is being planned. Asked how she will be celebrating her success, she said that she will not. As for whether or not she has plans for any further books, she said that there are preparations for another to be published next year. She brushed off comments about her not yet reaching puberty yet, made by Taiwanese star Bella Chen (陳瑀涵), saying she did not know Bella and was very happy with her figure.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chi Lam's very romantic

This article is mainly saying about chilam and anita being entertainment industry's golden couple. Cos not only did chilam book the dinner table at a high-end restaurant facing the shanghai bund early, after attending a GUCCI event, he purposely went early and waited for anita to finish her work and picked her up, also apparently, chilam gave her a bouquet of roses! Not only that, anita was seen rushing off after her appearance at a fashion show to meet up with chilam.

Feb 3, 2008

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Julian becomes a 24-hr good daddy, Anita feeds morton milk

Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen's love life has created Morton Cheung, who has delighted turned 1 year old. Earlier reports said of Chilam becoming more mature and more caring towards his family, buying a limited edition $220 000 car and $13 000 monthly rent for their new house facing the sea, to allow his family to live in pleasure and comfort. Besides that, it seems like chilam is perfect around kids and knows how to handle them well, as shown with pictures taken by the famous HK papparazzi.

Anita Yuen shops around, while Chilam takes care of their son. Interestingly, Morton listened attentively to what Chilam daddy had to say and was smiling from eye to eye once placed with Chilam, seems like Chilam often plays with Morton, so much so that a 1-year old can recognise him so easily.

Also present were Christine Ng and hubby. Reporters present found Anita and Christine very interested in winter dresses, while Chilam and Christine's hubby were uninterested, hence were looking bored and talking. Typical husbands.

Morton is such a good son, resting quietly on his mom's shoulder.

Morton is such a good son, resting quietly on his mom's shoulder.

After shopping, Chilam and Anita had afternoon tea and Anita fed Morton milk.

Anita Yuen appeared at jewellery event

Anita yuen, Athena Chu, Rain and many other celebrities appeared at a jewellery promo event this morning.

Lenlen laughed and told reporters that the money she received for this appearance is enough to buy few months of milk for morton. When an earlier report suggested that she and julian moved into a new place in order to get their son into a well-known school, lenlen admitted that everything they do now is for their son, and it doesn't matter if morton can study, but what matters most is that he is happy kid. Sometimes when lenlen meets adcademically brilliant kids, but their attitude and mannerisms are digusting, she tells herslf that she must not let morton be like that. She just wants her son to finish his education, so that Julian can take her around the world.